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Who Killed Sara Season 3: When Is It Coming Out?

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The plot line of Who Killed Sara Season 2 thickened with the release of a few new chapters. Even though they were released almost six months ago, they are still up there among the top searched trends on Netflix. It is estimated that half of the fictional characters died in this recent installment. However, no one has been closer to dying on multiple occasions than Elisa Lazcano. She has been pulled from the jaws of death on many occasions. Alex Guzman’s partner, who is looking for answers regarding Sara’s death, has been involved in many risky situations in the new chapters that appeared in May. But what about the show? Will there be a season 3? Let’s find out.

Who Killed Sara Season 3: All You Need to Know

If anyone has watched Who Killed Sara, they will know that Elisa Lazcano is always caught in the jaws of death. And it is not a surprise because Elisa is not only Alex’s partner, but also Cesar’s daughter and Sergio’s business partner, who are always in conflict with Sara’s brother’s inquiries.

In the midst of so many violent and dangerous encounters, these are the moments when Elisa hardly survives on the Mexican show.

How has Elisa Lazcano escaped death?

As far as “Who KIlled Sara” is concerned, Elisa Lazcano has always been mired in conflicts. She came very close to dying on so many occasions.

The first moment was when Alex prepared a trap to catch Cesar and Sergio, whose explosion ended up engulfing Elisa. She flew out of the scene but survived after being treated at a hospital.

She was also very close to dying when she was kidnapped and tortured by Sergio. However, a truce by Alex and Cesar could save her shortly after a tragedy.

Later, after the apparent death of her father, Elisa burns down a family casino that is now run by Rodolfo. She escaped being burned alive by the skin of her teeth in season 2 as well.

When is Season 3 of Who Killed Sara coming out?

The third season of “Who Killed Sara?” It will be a reality, according to its protagonists, but there is still no estimated or official date of when it would arrive on Netflix.

Among several questions, there is also the possibility that Elisa ends up in a critical situation after risking her life so much in the last chapters.

Last year, with the premiere of Bridgerton, Netflix managed to break down all possible homophobic and racist barriers, but it also failed to sweep away as expected. However, with the arrival of the first season of Who Killed Sara on March 24 and, subsequently, the publication of the second season on May 19, it became the most streamed show on the platform.

Who Killed Sara follows the story of Alex Guzman, played by Manolo Cardona, who seeks revenge and discovers what happened to his younger sister, Sara and her sudden death after falling from a parachute. Encompassing mystery, drama, action and adventure, this series crossed borders and even reached incredible numbers in the United States, where it was chosen as the number one foreign series.

“Yes, there is a third season. We are waiting for the official confirmation, but everything seems that we are working to go there, ” Cardona said in an interview with CNN. Likewise, the star of Colombian origin revealed the illusion that the development of the series makes him and thanked the fury in which it became. I hope we can make it official soon and that people can continue to enjoy it, ” he concluded.

However, the second part was confirmed just a week after the premiere of the first and, as two weeks have passed since the arrival of the last edition, many fans ask the same question: will there be a third season? Is that, the end of season two was left open, as happened the first time and with a new question: who is the real murderer of Sara?

For now, Netflix did not talk about a possible third season and, in fact, both Leo Deluglio and Andrés Baida assured Spoiler that they no longer see a possible next part , although they do not rule it out either. But now, Manolo Cardona was in charge of contradicting his teammates and giving the fans joy: Who killed Sara will have a part three, according to what he himself said in an interview.

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