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The Untold Truth of Joe Rogan’s Wife

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Joe Rogan, who was previously better remembered for commentating on UFC fights, urging people to consume dead rats, and portraying a handyman on just a bad comedy, has somehow managed to be one of the most well-known cultural characters of the podcast era.

Rarely a day passes by without news about the jack of all trades. What’s included encouraging 2 Canadian musical greats to leave Spotify, attempting to excuse allegedly racist statements, or, most typically, running his mouth on a subject he may well not know a lot about. According to a group of worried specialists who talked to the Independent, Rogan’s let’s Google this approach to podcasting may at best be defined as casually ignorant and at worst as extremely destructive to society.

While the host of “The Joe Rogan Experience” seems to be the subject of nonstop press coverage, his spouse tends to go unnoticed. In contrast to her attention-seeking husband, Jessica Ditzel lives alone. Here’s a glance at what we already understand about the lady who undoubtedly has a hard time speaking clearly, from former employment to previous relationships.

Robert Schimmel has no blood ties to Jessica Ditzel

Jessica Ditzel is not, we repeat, not connected to Robert Schimmel, one of the most well-known blue comedians of the late 20th century, despite the weird online misinformation around the topic. If you’re questioning why the fashion model is so frequently mistaken for the daughter of the Howard Stern regular, it probably has to do with the name of his real daughter. Jessica Schimmel, a director on The Simpsons, is one of the comedian’s four children. maybe guessed that the surnames eerily rhyme. Parade claims that she frequently gets confused for Ditzel as well, proving that this particular issue isn’t just one-sided.

In any case, Joe Rogan’s wife has a little bit of show business in her. Jeff Conrad Ditzel, her father’s guitarist, was a member of the Minneapolis Americana group Ditch Pickles. She hasn’t yet demonstrated any evidence that she inherited his musical talent at the time of writing. However, Kayja Rose, Jessica’s daughter, is presently attempting to succeed as a singer in the R&B industry.

Previously, she was engaged to Dino Conner. 

You might not be aware that Jessica Ditzel dated several well-known people before Joe Rogan. The former model and Keven “Dino” Conner, a member of the early 1990s R&B group H-Town, were briefly engaged in the past. According to Fab Wags, the two may have split up just before the early 2000s, though. For the decade, H-Town published three albums and was preparing to release their 4th when tragedy struck. They are most known for their No. 3 song “Knockin’ Da Boots.” In 2003, Conner, his former Teshya Rae Weisent, & her unborn baby all were murdered in a terrible vehicle tragedy.

According to Houston Police, an SUV struck their car following jumping a red light. All 3 of its occupants attempted to leave the crime scene. Juan Diaz, a guy, was arrested and charged with failing to stop and offer help, the source said. Conner and Ditzel, according to Fab Wags, dated in the 1990s and had a kid in 1996. Kayja Rose, an R&B vocalist in her 20s, has amassed more than 20,000 Instagram followers and has shared several tunes on her Soundcloud account.

She made Joe Rogan reconsider getting married. 

Jessica Ditzel may not find much in the form of her outspoken spouse, so let’s hope she isn’t one for romance. After their 2009 nuptials, Joe Rogan said to Palm Beach Post how he had entered the church more for formalities than out of love. 

The Hardball star stated that when the couple became pregnant, he changed his views on marriage. He stated that he had to [bind the knot]. Not really required, but she did give birth, so… I’ll sign this ridiculous legal contract, okay God? What she accomplished required a lot more dedication.

In a conversation with Rolling Stone six years later, Rogan continued to rant about how little he valued the sacredness of marriage and called it “stupid” to everyone who would listen. She lets me do everything I do, Rogan continued, which is a revealing explanation for how the couple is still a married couple after all these years. We get along very well because of this. The podcaster said, I’m foolish and idiotic, but I’m not stupid, while also revealing that he has a prenuptial agreement in place.

Jessica Ditzel is really intelligent. 

Distractify claims that Ditzel initially donned a cap and gown after earning a degree in arts and technical theatre from California State University. At the University of Arizona, she continued her study, earning a secondary degree in psychology as well as one in Molecular as well as Cellular Biology. 

Ditzel appears to regard education’s significance more so than her husband does.

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