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Norstrat: All You Need To Know About The Consulting Powerhouse

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Norstrat is a popular consultancy firm that has offered tech and business solutions to numerous clients over the years. Over time, Norstrat has consulted numerous clients with direction and knowledge that is needed for the companies to make the right business decisions and take their company in the right direction. Norstrat’s consultants always stay in touch with their clients and keep finding solutions for new problems. In this post, we will take a look at Norstrat and all that the firm does. Let’s get started.

Norstrat: All You Need To Know

What is Norstrat?

Norstrat is a business that offers specialized solutions for people to meet their obligations. The firm has successfully operated for over three decades and is renowned for its amazing service. The entire Norstrat team works extremely hard to fulfill all of their customers’ requirements.

How did Norstrat start?

Norstratis a consulting company that provides business and technology solutions. They help customers with everything from creating software and make improvements to the existing software. The firm began with just four employees inside a tiny room. Today, they have developed a workforce of more than a hundred employees serving companies around the world. Norstrat is a great consulting company and it does certain things differently which really makes it stand out.

What is the Canadian Government’s Northern Strategy?

The Northern Strategy of the Government of Canada designed to improve the living standards of people living in northern Canada. In the context of this strategy, the government of Canada has launched NorStrat with the aim to improve social and economic opportunities for northerners, promoting entrepreneurship. This was achieved by setting the $ 10 million fund used to help entrepreneurs develop their business plans and to encourage them to create new jobs and tackle regional problems.

A new report released by the Institute of Policy Northern Policy Institute Northern Canada recommends that the implementation of its strategy of the North will help the region develop. The strategy was created to provide guidance to the governments of different provinces of Canada, communities and businesses to a flourishing future north. It has five goals:

  • Enhancing the quality of life.
  • Develop the economy.
  • Preserve the natural resources.
  • Encourage sustainability.
  • Improve the governance.

Norstrat’s funding for Northern Strategy, Canada is committed to boosting economic growth, ensuring sustainable growth in the North. The Norstrat program is a fantastic choice for northern regions to start your business and receive funds through local entrepreneurs. 

Norstrat offers a simple option to start a company of modest size or in the Canadian Arctic.

What did the Canadian Chamber Of Commerce say about Norstrat?

According to Norstrat and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the company’s “Northern Strategy” can be utilized to grow the economy. This could be accomplished through improving the infrastructure for transportation as well as negotiating trade agreements with other nations and encouraging the development of natural resources in order for the creation of jobs. 

For instance, investing in a road network that connects people will make it easier for people to access products. It also suggests “a coordinated strategy” for the development of green energy sources, such as wind power, which can provide alternatives to the fossil fuels, and also reduce our dependence on them. This is going to help the people of the Northern Part of Canada in a multitude of ways.

What services does Norstrat offer?

  • No cost consultation which included free meetings with your company’s board.
  • Work with the top to help grow your business (and keep in the forefront of your industry)
  • Strategic planning 
  • Proven track record helping organizations perform better
  • Take over company handlings for a smoother, more efficient operation which would lead to increased profits. 
  • Business expansion and day to day management assistance.

How does Norstrat provide support to its customers?

Norstrat provides its customers with support through the following ways:

  • The Business Development Bank provides a lot of business funding for businesses in the Northern part of Canada.
  • It provides small business loans upto the value of $350,000.
  • Norstrat provides two free of cost seminars on business planning which help entrepreneurs when it comes to coming up with business strategies.

So that was a brief look at the history and workings of Norstrat. If you are looking for some consultancy services, Norstrat is a great option for you. Hopefully, this post gets you started with that.

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