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Make Your Bathroom Safe to Prevent Falls and Injuries!

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You can cope and recover from your wounds when you are young. But as you age, you become more conscious about your choices. You fear too many things. Safety and security take precedence over other things. Fortunately, modern fixtures and settings ensure you continue enjoying the aesthetics without interruption. Still, at some point in life, especially in your 50s, you want to pay attention to little details for well-being and care. It can cost a few thousand dollars. A credible study shows that more than seven million people in their late 55 years of age plan to upgrade their homes to prevent fall and injury risks.

If you plan to renovate your house, you should modify it based on your later life. Planning things can make your home more adaptable down the road. After all, it’s more complex than selecting a small bathroom basin based on the limited square footage. It would be best to drill into different options to make your living space comfortable through technologies, techniques, and innovative solutions. A consumer report revealed that about 235K people visit emergency rooms annually due to bathroom accidents. Their love for their home doesn’t let them leave it for a care facility.

As mentioned, modern upgrades don’t have to be boring. You can still make your bathroom timeless and classic while taking care of the safety part. So, let’s figure out the choices once!

Nonslip floors

Smooth floor tiles can be the real culprit behind most slip-and-fall cases. People use them for their aesthetic value. Fortunately, industry experts test materials for their slip resistance. Check for their rating if you want to go with the most resistant material. It should be 0.42. Some people may desire more support or guarantee. In that case, a clever hack can be choosing smaller tiles. They can check the skidding problem even better. Your local contractor can suggest using tiles with grouts. It can be a valuable piece of suggestion.

Shower and bathtub

You can install a walk-in shower and bath for your safety. They come in various finishes to give your room a unique look. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your mobility issues. You can enjoy your soothing bath daily. Still, it makes sense to check every feature. For instance, something with doors opening outward can be better than inward-opening doors. The door allows seniors to walk into the tub comfortably and close it behind them to avoid water spillage outside. Water makes flooring slippery and causes falls. Inward door designs can stop leakage, but you may have to empty the tub before coming out. Outward-door models take care of this. Consequently, you can enter and exit hassle-free.

Another critical area is the walk-in tub size and style. Proper dimensions can reduce your stress and save your hard-earned money. You can check your existing setup to understand what benefits you and your bathroom structure. If a tub and shower combo suits the area, you can easily opt for this. In other cases, you may need to adjust plumbing to accommodate this style. Some people are hygiene-conscious. Hence, their preference can be larger models. While that’s acceptable, watch out for the step-in height. You want to select the lower elevation to cope with mobility challenges. Remember, you get plenty of options, but only certified models can assure you of high safety standards.

When shopping for this item, you can explore additional highlights, such as drain time, low fill, and tech-enabled functions. An advanced bathtub can come with a soothing air massage facility, bubble jets, and other luxurious additions. All these prove your safety appliance can afford the jazz. If you have more budget, you can have them all.

Plugs and switches

These regular fixtures can be the last thing to draw your attention when you tweak your bathroom for easy accessibility. For a person in a wheelchair, the height of the light switches and plugs can be a concern. They can be too high or too low. You can spend on this area to put them at the most accessible height.

Raised toilets

Your joints become weak with aging. You struggle to bend your knees and other parts. Simple sitting postures and crouching can hurt. Raised toilets can address this problem as your knee joints remain stable and straight. You don’t feel pain. Plus, the risk of falling from losing balance reduces.

Sleek storage

Whether small or large, bathrooms contain many items of daily use. Lose objects can scatter all over the place, increasing your tripping risks. So, store them well. Adding more storage solutions can be one of the most affordable revamps.

Emergency phone

You add every safety feature to minimize fall risks. It means bathroom accidents can still occur. If you have an emergency phone, you can call for help.  Look for waterproof models and install one in the easy-to-access corner.


Behind many slip and fall cases, poor bathroom lighting can be one critical factor. You are at a higher risk during the night. If you use this room frequently at night, equip it with proper lights. You can opt for LED variants over incandescent bulbs for an extended service. You will get rid of replacing them frequently. Even plug-in night light options can be good.

Grab bars

You get excellent choices in grab bars and rails for the bathroom. Install them at different places to walk through this space safely. Simple designs cost about USD$20-100, while complex models can be available for USD$85-450.

If you make your bathroom adaptable for your senior years in advance, you will have time to plan well and add one item at a time. You can avoid the rush to get things done quickly. It will also prove money-saving. You can pick items after comparing them based on various criteria, such as quality, budget, etc. However, as hinted, this renovation process can be equally exciting. You may feel a sense of unknown fear or anxiety because your mind reminds you of the vulnerabilities that come with age. But it’s a preparation to handle those delicate years of life more responsibly. So, focus on the changes.

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