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Learn About Ontario’s Sports Betting Policy in 2 Minutes

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Sports betting is a massive industry all around the world. In the last few years, it has had a massive boom in North America thanks to changes in legislation. In Canada, the federal government gave the provinces the power to legalize and regulate single-event sports betting in August 2021.

Ontario was one of the very first provinces to move forward with legislation and they have remained at the forefront of online sports betting in Canada since. Although you can bet from almost anywhere in Canada, Ontario is probably the best place to be.

Ontario sports betting – Legal betting sites in Ontario 2022

The biggest difference between sports betting in Ontario and betting in other provinces is the variety of sportsbooks that you can choose from. Most other provinces only have the government-run sportsbook and maybe one or two other options. Ontario, on the other hand, allows people to bet with many of the top international sportsbooks.

BetMGM and Caesars are two of the biggest casino brands in the world and their respective sportsbooks are very well respected. FanDuel and DraftKings are two of the hottest sportsbooks today and their rapid growth in such a competitive market shows just how good they are.

Latest Ontario sports betting news

There have been two big betting news stories recently. The first is that the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) has established a partnership with the NBA. This will keep the government’s sportsbooks at the forefront.

The second story is that the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has fined DraftKings $100,000 for violating the laws surrounding advertising gambling. This shows all the sportsbooks operating in the province that the government is going to take these kinds of violations very seriously.

Is sports betting legal in Ontario?

Yes, sports betting is legal in Ontario. Parlay betting has been legal in the province since the 1980s. Single-event betting has been legal in the province for nearly a year. You need to be 19 years old or older to place bets in Ontario.

Comparing sportsbook apps in Ontario

Besides baseball, summer is a quieter time for sports. Football doesn’t start for a few more months, the FIFA World Cup isn’t until November, and the NHL season doesn’t start until October. That means it’s the perfect time to find the ideal sportsbook (or two!) to meet your needs.

The best way to compare the sportsbook apps available in Ontario is to read reviews and use a sports betting guide. These guides have reviews and detailed information on all the sportsbooks alongside information on how to bet and tips on individual sports.

The BetMGM and Caesars sportsbooks have both put their long history in the industry to good use when creating their apps. This has resulted in them both having extensive sportsbooks that are easy to navigate.

Most of the sportsbooks operating in Ontario are based in the UK or the United States. TheScore Bet is one of the only Canadian companies competing in the market. Their understanding of the local market has contributed to their success.

Understanding Ontario sportsbook bonuses

Sportsbook bonuses are a great way for brands to attract new bettors and to encourage brand loyalty in existing customers. The top types of bonuses are free bets, no deposit betting and risk-free bets. These might all sound similar, but they have important differences.

Free bets are essentially betting tokens provided by the sportsbook. The set denomination token can be bet by the customer however they’d like. If the bet is a winner, the customer gets to keep any profits they make, but not the original value of the bet token.

No deposit betting is similar in that you can place a bet before you’ve put your own money in. With no deposit betting, the sportsbooks provides customers with a small amount of cash that they can bet with. No withdrawal can be made until this money has been bet to prevent people from opening an account simply to claim the free money.

Risk free betting is when a sportsbook covers the amount of a bet if it loses. Customers have to deposit and bet with their own money, but that money is protected and returned by the sportsbook if the bet is unsuccessful.

Ontario vs. Pennsylvania and Michigan sports betting

Ontario, Pennsylvania and Michigan have very similar sports betting laws. All three have legal in-person and online sports betting. The biggest similarity is that BetRivers is a sportsbook option in all three. This East Coast company has done a very good job of expanding while still maintaining the feel of a local brand.

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