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John Morrison – All You Need to Know

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Since he worked with the organization from 2004 to 2011, John Morrison has been widely recognized by the WWE fanbase. Morrison was a three-time Intercontinental Champion and a former Tag Team Champion for MNM with Joey Mercury and Melina. Morrison also briefly held the title of ECW Champion when WWE brought back the previous extreme product, but the rebirth fizzled out quickly.

Here are some intriguing facts about the former WWE star, given that it has been made public that John Morrison had re-signed with the company on a multi-year agreement and that many fans haven’t followed his profession over the last seven years.

He’s appeared on Miz & Mrs.

Since John Morrison worked for WWE for nearly seven years, several WWE stars remained his pals after he left the organization in 2011. There is a lengthy list of wrestlers who stayed close to Morrison, notably Randy Orton, Zack Ryder, Jeff Hardy, Dolph, and The Miz. The former Champion was allowed to participate in several segments of Miz & Mrs during the program’s first series despite not being under contract to WWE at the time because of his long-standing connection with the present WWE star, The Miz.

Since it was obvious that Morrison was on strong teams with the company throughout these performances, rumors that he might return to WWE started to circulate. Morrison reportedly re-signed the WWE in September, according to PWInsider, but the news of his return hasn’t been made public by WWE until recently.

He studied film majors at the university 

Given that he was a member of Tough Enough in 2002, John Morrison used to have a unique path to WWE. He later won the competition, which aided his ascent to the top of the wrestling world. Morrison didn’t have any indy experience previous to joining WWE because he attended the University in California, Davis & had only received his film degree a few months before making an appearance on Tough Enough. Morrison also majored in geology at university. After deciding he didn’t like to pursue careers in either field, he enrolled in the Sacramento, California, school Supreme Pro Wrestling to begin his professional wrestling training.

Morrison then applied for Tough Enough II, but his audition was rejected. The following year, he submitted another application and was ultimately approved. He and Matt Cappotelli were the co-winners of the competition, and both earned WWF contracts due to the win. Morrison was later sent to OVW to begin his training before being promoted to the main roster the following year as part of MNM with Joey Mercury and Melina Perez.

While attending college, John Morrison studied film, but he ultimately opted to follow a career in wrestling. Morrison decided to pursue performing as a career after being fired from WWE in 2011 so that he might focus on honing his promo abilities. Morrison continued acting in movies and television shows while competing in professional wrestling for organizations like Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground. 

In 2012, Morrison appeared as a Shadow Creature in Legend of the Black before appearing as Razor on 20 Feet Below: The Darkness Descending. He appeared in both Hercules Reborn and Ascent to Hell in 2014.

As Salty Johnson, the character who originally put the ladies of the show through their tests in the ring, he made a notable addition to the initial season of the Netflix series GLOW. The Last Ship, The Guest Book, Miz & Mrs., Shameless, Days of our Lives, Baby Daddy, and even Being The Elite have all seen guest appearances by Morrison in recent years. From SmackDown vs. RAW in 2007 to WWE in 2012, he also appeared in seven video games for the WWE.

Morrison is married to Taya Valkyrie

When the two actors were cast members of Tough Enough in 2002, John Morrison and Melina first became acquainted. Morrison won the competition while Melina was eliminated, but the two still became friends and eventually started dating before WWE permitted them to join up as the tag team MNM. After that, the two enjoyed an on-off romance until 2015, when it was stated that they had formally ended their relationship, despite having previously broken up several times. After that, Morrison started dating Taya Valkyrie, a wrestler from Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground.

In June 2017, the pair made the formal announcement of their engagement. A year later, in June 2018, they wed. The Miz & Dolph Ziggler was among the many close WWE pals of Morrisons that showed up to the nuptials. Even though John Morrison has formally rejoined WWE, his wife is still a member of the Effects Wrestling roster while he is away. It’s doubtful that she will accompany him to WWE, but a few couples have recently been allowed to make WWE their home, so you never know.

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