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Greg Hamilton – WWE News, Rumors, & Updates

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Greg Hamilton, actually named Greg Hutson, has verified that he is no longer working with WWE. On Tuesday night, it was initially reported that he had been let go by the business. Hamilton, though, stated in a message on Instagram that the decision to split ways was made amicably. Hamilton gained notoriety through the weekends after he threatened to pursue Westside Gunn, a rapper, and ardent wrestling fan, for utilizing his voice sample in a song. He also stated that WWE attorneys would be acting on his behalf. Additionally, in June, the commentator, whose real identity is Greg Hutson, made fun of Lio Rush’s retirement on Twitter. He apologized subsequently.

This Instagram message disputes any suggestions he left because of instances like those or other trends presently trending on social media. Instead, he cites how his obligations make leading a professional life while traveling impractical. Hamilton has worked on most of the WWE brands since joining the organization in 2015. Here are all the most recent updates on Greg’s rumors and WWE news. He has been a regular on main roster programs for the past five years.

The former WWE commentator disclosed on social media that Greg Hamilton was involved in a recent vehicle accident and came dangerously close to death. Hamilton shared a snapshot of his wrecked automobile on Instagram, explaining that he had been struck by a moving van and tossed thrice into a ditch upturned. Hamilton had said that the relatively intimate experience had drastically altered his perspective.

NXT (2015–2017)

Greg Hamilton joined the WWE NXT broadcasting crew recently, but since his early teens, he has desired to work as a professional broadcaster. Hamilton expanded his horizons as a host by playing in front of 20,000 spectators for the Orlando Magic and hosting yearly events for the Miss America organization. His entertainment television experience has taken him from coast to coast; he has hosted shows in prestigious markets like Orlando, San Antonio, and Los Angeles for CBS, FOX, and NBC.

On Tuesday night, it was revealed that the WWE had covertly fired Greg Hamilton, the longstanding ring announcer for Friday Night SmackDown. Do not let the networking or social networking sites get you all up; it was a mutually respectful leave from a fantastic company. It’s industry. We all understand our value. Hamilton confirmed the news on Instagram, adding, “After six years and 52 weeks in the year, it is indeed time to say “goodbye.

Remember that what you see on social networking sites is just that. It is not actuality. For your favorite Superstars, specifically. They are REAL people with REAL lives who are AMAZING people. Real people, not fictional characters, read and internalize the hatred and abuse. I should include that for my buddies.

Greg Hamilton, a WWE ring announcer, recently gave the WWE Universe an update

It seems like WWE stars are constantly receiving tragic news. The COVID-19 epidemic put WWE Superstars under a lot of stress throughout 2020, which caused the business a lot of issues. Many fans had hoped that the new year would bring better luck, but Mick Foley recently revealed that he was isolated after a positive COVID-19 test, which is why he missed RAW Legends Night the above past week. Throughout the year, people like Renee Young, Kayla Braxton, and Jamie Noble disclosed that they tested positive for the viral infection and have since been able to recover. Greg Hamilton, who announces matches for the WWE, just revealed that his wife returned positive for the condition. 

A fan questioned Hamilton on Twitter because he appeared to be trembling when announcing their primary event, Gauntlet battle, last week on SmackDown. The star also shared another post where he apologized to the WWE Universe for not being at his finest on Friday night while revealing the reason behind it. The star claimed he was crushed after learning that “his closest friend,” his wife, had returned positive. Given that his wife would feel compelled to segregate herself from her husband after receiving the news, it is uncertain if Hamilton will be absent from WWE TV in the upcoming weeks.

In a recent update to the WWE Universe, Hamilton said that although his wife is now at home and under quarantine, he has been moved by all the love he has received from wrestlers worldwide. Hamilton’s hope for Gunn to face some sort of punishment has finally come true. There will be discussions about whether or not punishing Gunn for utilizing some WWE soundbites was too severe, but for the time being, the issue has been settled, even if Hamilton didn’t involve WWE attorneys as he had initially wanted.

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