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Georgette Jones: Unveiling the Remarkable Life and Career of a Country Music Icon

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Georgette Jones is a singer-songwriter born to the famous music icons Tammy Wynette and George Jones. She recently honored her mother’s legacy on the grand ole opry, and debuted on 6th April 2023. She debuted on her mother’s twenty-five years of passing and performed on Till I Can Make It On My Own and My Man.

Early Life – Georgette Jones

Born to country music legends and Hall of Fame couples, Georgette Jones has been singing since she was three years old. Jones recorded her first duet with her Father at age ten, “Daddy Come Home.” She was an RN for 17 years while raising her twins before returning to music again.

Once back, Jones recorded her second duet, “You and Me and Time,” with her Father. In the past, Jones has performed at Opry and the Ryman while touring across Canada, the US, and other parts of the world.

Besides being a singer and songwriter, Georgette is also an author. She had co-written “The Three of Us,” her biography based on life while growing up with her popular parents. She has even acted in the TV serial “Sordid Lives” with Olivia Newton and Leslie Jordan. In fact, she also sang the title track of her TV serial.

Georgette is a game lover and is in the process of bringing country music into the gaming world. She has often seen gaming and connecting with other games and her fans online.

Georgette Jones And Her Views On Opry

Jones said that Opry and Ryman were close to her mother. Her mother had always enjoyed listening to them and grew up dreaming of the honor of playing there. Jones continued saying she always wanted to stand in the circle and join the Opry family. Georgette had been on Opry as a child and used to run backstage with other children. She went there and enjoyed the Opry appearances, TV shows, and awards. 

Georgette Jones And Her Gerald Murray Signing

Jones has signed an artist management deal with Gerald Murray Music. She was quoted saying that she is excited to work with Gerald as he is the most hard-working person. This deal came on the heels of Jones having worked for many years with veteran music artist manager and owner of Gerald Murray Music, Dr. Gerald Murray, on her booking schedule.  

On the other hand, Murray was heard saying that he was thrilled to work with Jones as he had known her personally as an agent. He was happy that Jones chose them for her future endeavors. As per him, Georgette is a beautiful, sincere person and even a talented artist. 

Georgette Jones And Apple Sin Whiskey

Jones is multi-talented, a singer, a songwriter, and a business professional. She had partnered with her friend, Spencer Balentine, and created her signature apple cinnamon-flavored whiskey. Her whiskey won first place in the international SIP Awards under the best-flavored whiskey category.

Her whiskey is made at the silent brigade distillery in Paducah, KY. People can purchase the whiskey through a link available on their website. Currently, it is shipped to the entire United States of America, except TN and DE.

Georgette Jones And The Skin

Jones released her music album, Skin, which had ten songs.

  1. Skin – 4 mins and 30 seconds
  2. I know what you did last night which featured Vince Gill – 2 mins and 58 seconds
  3. I call it gone – 3 mins and 25 seconds
  4. End it with hello – 3 mins and 36 seconds
  5. Jump in – 3 mins and 56 seconds
  6. Goodbye going down – 3 mins and 9 seconds
  7. Make a little love which featured Dean Miller – 2 mins and 33 seconds
  8. Pretty good mistakes – 3 mins and 16 seconds
  9. The trouble is you – 3 mins and 16 seconds
  10. Cigarettes and you which featured Dale Watson – 4 mins and 4 seconds

Georgette Jones And Her Upcoming Shows

Jones is all set to perform in the coming months, and her fans can book the tickets from her website. The list below:

  1. A private show in Centerville, GA, on 15th July.
  2. Dickerson County Fair in Haysi, VA, on 16th September.
  3. The historic ritz theater, Toccoa, GA, on 8th December.

Georgette Jones And Her Love For Gaming

Like singing, Jones has a deep interest in and passion for gaming. She recalled her love for games started with her family game night ritual. She has played games with her twin boys since they were little. It was in 2015 when her husband convinced her to try Xbox, further developing her passion.

Jones discovered there was a lot she could do in the gaming world. She now hosts Q&A sessions and speaks online with her fans and fellow gamers. She has her game that she streams three times a week and will eventually expand to five times a week. She also plans to add VR gaming and music concerts to her games. 

Georgette Jones And Social Media Accounts

If you want to follow this fantastic singer on her multiple social media platforms, below are the same.

Facebook –

Instagram –

Twitter –

Personal Website –

Georgette Jones’s Personal Details

Name – Tamala Georgette Jones

Date of Birth – 5th October, 1970

Place of Birth – Lakeland, Polk County, Florida, US

Profession – Actress, Producer, Writer, Gamer, Business Woman, Author

Mother – Tammy Waynette

Father – George Jones

Partners – @facebookgaming @arozziofficial @aimcontrollersus @metapcsonline


Georgette Jones And George & Tammy

George and Tammy is a six-part miniseries dedicated to her parents, George and Tammy. Georgette even appeared in the last episode of this miniseries. The series had Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain in the lead roles playing her father and mother. The series has been adapted from her book, The Three of Us, which gave viewers a chance to know her parents.

Jones was only five years old when her parents divorced, and she was able to build her relationship once again with her dad after her mother’s demise.

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