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Family Feud Canada: Frequently Asked Questions For Casting!

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Family Feud Canada features Canadian families as real as they are different from each other, coming from across the country to compete against each other and try to find the most popular answers to funny and family-friendly survey questions asked of a sample of Canadians. In this show hosted by actor and comedian Gerry Dee, families compete to score points and win prizes. Their answers to the simplest questions make the show full of surprises and great laughs!

Family Feud Canada: Casting FAQs and Interesting Facts About The Show! 

How does Family Feud Canada cast people? 

Family Feud Canada is based on the long-running American series Family Feud, where families compete against each other to guess the most popular answers to survey questions such as “name something you might bring to a date.”

Indeed, Family Feud Canada is always looking for “fun, dynamic and competitive” families across Canada to participate in their series. 

The casting producer Donia Aly once told Cabin Radio that the show is not just looking for all kinds of personalities, but they want families with “a lot of energy” and “a competitive spirit”. “Part of what makes the show special is just the inclusiveness and all the representation that we see in the show.”

“Go get the top five in your family – actually get your worst five because it’s more fun for me when they’re awful,” said host Gerry Dee, a Canadian actor, and comedian, in one interview. 

How can families be eligible to go on Family Feud Canada?

To be eligible to participate in the third season, applicants must be a family of five living permanently in Canada and over the age of 18. This can include immediate, extended and even chosen family.

Aly (the casting director) said families should introduce themselves, explain why they are proud to represent their home community, what makes them unique, what they plan to do with the prize money, and include all family stories or unique original traditions that they wish to share.

“Do not hesitate. We want you to apply, we want to meet you, ”she said. ” Go for it. “

One major change due to covid was the non-inclusion of families outside of Ontario in the second season of Family Feud Canada due to restrictions related to the pandemic. As the show has almost finished with the 3rd season, you won’t have to worry much about COVID-19 now as the casting for the fourth season is still further away. 

What can you expect to win on Family Feud Canada?

In addition to having your travel and accommodation covered by Family Feud Canada, you and your family as participants can take home up to $ 30,000 in cash prizes after winning 

The casting producer Donia Aly stated to Cabin Radio that for families, it is an unforgettable experience as families will be able to cherish these memories forever. 

For example, a family from Yellowknife won big in the first season of the Canadian series, which debuted in 2019. Aaron Hernandez, also known as hip-hop artist Godson, and his family took home more than $ 20,000 in three episodes according to CBC, after being selected from among those who auditioned for casting in Yellowknife.

Does Family Feud Canada casting include Covid protocols?

Yes, everyone involved is following protocol with Covid-19 testing, social distancing, and personal protective equipment is also in place.

Other facts about Family Feud Canada:

  • The Canadian game show is based on the American game show and the Game play is the same as the concurrent U.S. rendition. 
  • The game show is hosted by the one and only actor and comedian Gerry Dee. 
  • The game show started airing on December 16, 2019 and two months later the show was renewed for a second season by CBC in February 2020. Family Feud Canada Season 2 began airing on October 12, 2020.
  • Family Feud Canada has the same musical score as the U.S. original and the studio set is nearly identical to the current one used in the U.S, but there are known to be a few minor differences. 
  • The Fast Money prize in the Canadian version is CA$10,000. The money is tax-free.
  • Unlike the U.S. version, there is a limit of three appearances. In Family Feud Canada, a family cannot appear for a fourth or fifth time but in the US version, they can do so and even win a car after their fifth and final win. 
  • In Family Feud Canada, if the champions fail to win the grand prize, they receive $5 a point. 
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