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Dexter Season 9- Everything You Need to know before Watching

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Yes- he returns the serial killer named after Dexter Morgan is coming back almost after 8 years of no show obviously, this news will make every person to be crazy about the show. The fans of the super amazing show are now taking up the next level. It is true that they could not be any happier. The revival series was set to be announced back on October 2020. However due to unavoidable circumstances, it became a difficult task in hand to release the series. It is now projected to release in 2022.

The History of Dexter

The original Dexter series came to limelight for the first time on 2006. The show ran successfully for 8 seasons till the year of 2013. Ever since it was launched, the Dexter series gained huge popularity not only because of the storyline but also because of the acting and script of the series. Coming to the pretext of the series, Dexter was an employee of Miami Police and at the end of the night he would hunt down the criminals. The last part o f the series was widely loved by the viewers. However, the end of season 8 showed Dexter to be trying to create his own death which led everyone by a bit of confusion.

The revival of Dexter

After several seasons of wait, the makers of Dexter are finally coming up with the 9th season of this sequel. According to multiple details coming from Dexter Twitter space, the season 9 is almost ready to come out. However, there is interesting news coming out from the Dexter camp. After several tweets and teasers, it is true that Jim Lindsay is now associated as the real Dexter with a different me. He currently works at a restaurant where he will operate. Clyde Phillips comes back again with an amazing storyline again with the best results.

The Stars with Dexter

The Dexter series is set to be starting again with a bang. It is true that most other stars will return back to feature again for the sequel. Some important names also include Clancy Brown who will play the role of Kurt Ardwell. However, there are other premiere members of the Dexter series which include Jamie Chung. Some other big names include Julia Jones and Alano Miller. Another renowned name coming back to the series includes John Lithgow. There are some other formidable names returning from the Season 4 of this series.

When is Dexter 9 Releasing?

The first official date of Dexter 9 was set to be out on November 7. However, it is likely to be delayed by a few months because of multiple reasons. The official month is now declared as January because of restrictions worldwide.

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