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Chris Cuomo Net Worth, Career, Firing, And More

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Chris Cuomo is a popular American news anchor who rose to fame as the anchor of one of America’s most watched prime time news shows, Cuomo Prime Time. Chris Cuomo is from a very politically connected family. His brother Andrew Cuomo was the former mayor of New York City. He had to step down after a lot of sexual misconduct allegations surfaced against him. After it was revealed that Chris Cuomo had helped Andrew Cuomo during his trial, he was fired by CNN. Let’s find out more about him.

Chris Cuomo Net Worth: All You Need To Know

Does Chris Cuomo come from a politically connected family?

Chris Cuomo’s father Mario Cuomo, was the 52nd governor of New York City, who served three terms and engraved his name on stones on bridges and bicycle paths. His mother, Matilda Cuomo, is a special advocate for women and children, and the founder of the US government, an advocacy group.

With a 13-year age difference, the brothers pursued completely different careers. Andrew, 62, has continued his political career and has served as New York’s governor since 2011. Chris, 49, is a CNN journalist who started out as the youngest reporter. ABC’s 20/20.

How did Andrew and Chris Cuomo go viral?

Governor Andrew Cuomo had been tasked with leading the state of New York through the Coronavirus pandemic, attending daily press conferences and providing people with the necessary updates. But during a live interview on CNN, the brothers went viral when they demonstrated a very funny sibling rivalry.

After discussing Andrew’s plans to protect the safety of his constituents, they argued as to which parent was actually violating the growing curfew. Chris noted that despite Andrew’s busy schedule, he had to make time to ‘call mom’.

“I called my mother before the show. By the way, he said I was his favorite, ”said Andrew. ‘Never said that,’ Chris replied, Andrew quickly biting back, ‘The good news is that you’re the second lover.

The hilarious clip even asked a Twitter user to turn his arguments into a must-watch montage.

Which CNN show did Chris Cuomo host?

He hosted Cuomo Prime Time. During the hour-long show, he repeated, ‘Let’s go after it,’ he said. After interviewing experts from both sides of the political spectrum, he concludes each show with a sharp and nuanced message about the headlines of the day.

Before hosting his show, Chris worked as a 20/20 youngest news reporter – his first story was an interview with the fake boy band manager Lou Pearlman. He also worked as a research correspondent for the American show Good Morning. ‘I have a real passion to help people,’ said former GMA colleague Diane Sawyer. “There are many people who want to be on television. But Chris lives for a job that makes a difference. ”

Did Chris Cuomo appear in the People magazine?

Chris Cuomo was listed on the People’s Most Beautiful’ list in 1997 and was also listed as’ New York’s Most Suitable Bachelor ‘ in another edition of the same magazine.

Who is Chris Cuomo married to?

Chris Cuomo is married to Cristina Greeven, a New Yorker, is an editor and journalist. The couple got married in 2001. She said that her mother introduced her to the ‘hippie-dippie ‘ organic lifestyle, which she continued to lead while looking for ‘physical, mental and spiritual nourishment on the surfboard’. It’s a meaning she instilled in her entire family, including Bella Cuomo.

How did his son’s birth affect Chris Cuomo?

“Raising girls can be a joy and a challenge. But the biggest challenge for me was to find the dynamics of human creation. This may be the hardest thing I’ve ever done, ‘ Chris Cuomo said. ‘ Trying to balance what is right for my son with what I think is right. The answer came from the man who changed my life, Mario. ‘

In the piece, Chris explained that his daughters are completely different from his sons and are a sensitive and sensitive person. As a result, Mario’s personality helped him learn more about himself: “My son helped me change. I did my best for him. Although I worked as a journalist in a tense and insensitive job, I did not work as a father.”

Why was Chris Cuomo fired from CNN?

Chris Cuomo, the popular CNN news anchor was fired from the network because of his role in the sexual misconduct case involving his older brother, disgraced New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo. This was a result of some extra information released during the investigation which clearly portrayed him as actively helping his brother Andrew Cuomo deal with the sexual misconduct investigation.

Before being fired from CNN, Chris Cuomo was suspended for some time. Before that, he was the host of one of the most watched prime time news shows on the network. According to CNN, he was fired because his actions violated an important cable network rule when he advised his brother during the investigation with a PR perspective. 

Andrew Cuomo stepped down as the Governor of New York after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against him. While he denied all the allegations levied against himself, he still stepped down.

What is Chris Cuomo’s net worth?

Even though Chris Cuomo was fired from CNN, he earned a good amount of money with the help of his long and successful career as a journalist. After starting with small stories, Chris Cuomo got his big break after covering the Virginia Tech shooting and Hurricane Katrina. Chris Cuomo’s net worth has been estimated to be around $12 million.

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