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Chloe Cherry: The Talented Actress Behind Faye in ‘Euphoria

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American actress Chloe Cherry is well-known for her work in the adult entertainment sector. She started her career in 2016 and has since become well-known for her performances. She was born in California on August 27, 1997. Chloe Cherry has starred in several adult films, demonstrating her brilliance and versatility with her alluring appearance and diverse skills. She has collaborated with numerous production firms throughout the course of her career, solidifying her position as a well-liked leader in the field. Chloe Cherry, who is renowned for her commitment and expertise, is making a name for herself in the adult film industry.

Read this article to know more about her casting in Euphoria, her career, and her personal life. 


Chole Cherry is 25 years old, she is 173 cm (5’8″) tall and weighs 57 kilograms (126 pounds). She has blonde hair color, and hazel-colored eyes, and her body measurements are 31-24-33 (inches for the bust, waist, and hips).


Cherry relocated from Pennsylvania to Miami in 2015, a week after she turned 18, to pursue a career as a porn actor. Riley Reynolds was her agent when she first signed with Hussie Models, a pornographic modeling agency, then shortly after that she relocated to Los Angeles and signed with Spiegler Girls. She appeared in more than 200 pornographic films by the year 2019 and rose to fame on Pornhub, where her films attracted over 125 million viewers. She started selling pornographic content largely through Only Fans early on in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cherry made her acting debut in 2022 in the recurring role of Faye, a drug dealer’s girlfriend, on the second season of the HBO teen drama television series Euphoria. Prior to starring on the program, Cherry and fellow porn actress Jenna Foxx created a pornographic parody of Euphoria in which Cherry portrayed Jules. After becoming a fan of Cherry on Instagram due to her sense of humor, Euphoria’s showrunner Sam Levinson subsequently contacted her with an email inviting her to apply for the part of Ami, a stripper and drug addict. Cherry submitted two virtual auditions before appearing in person for Levinson in Los Angeles, where she was offered the role of Faye.

Critics hailed Cherry as one of the show’s breakout stars. She immediately stopped appearing in pornographic films in order to focus exclusively on movie acting.

Cherry entered into a contract with the Anti-Agency London modeling agency in January 2022. She walked for LaQuan Smith during New York Fashion Week in February 2022, making her runway debut. She declared she was done with the porn industry in March 2022 Cherry will play the lead role in the comedy-drama Tuna Melt and the science fiction drama, both of which were written and directed by Peter Vack. 

Marriage Life

Chloe Cherry is now single and putting all of her attention into her acting and singing careers rather than relationships. Being a woman, she identifies as bisexual. The details of her prior relationships are unknown. She did admit, though, that she once had a lot of sugar daddies, but only as friends, in one of the interviews.

Personal Life

 The lips of Euphoria actress Chloe Cherry quickly became the subject of discussion, with many netizens believing that the actress had had lip surgery treatment. Even though she is one of the show’s rookies, fans were quick to assess her character, Faye, solely on the basis of her physical appearance.

Cherry has referred to herself as polyamorous in her personal life. She was suspected of stealing a shirt for US$28 from a Lancaster shopping center in December 2022, which led to her being charged with a misdemeanor case of retail theft in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in February 2023 Chloe Cherry is on TikTok, and as of September 2022, she has almost 1.9 million followers. You can find her on @cleanpuppy. 

Chloe Cherry, like most people, has a few bad habits she’s attempting to kick, and she revealed two of them to Interview Magazine. She stated, “Doubting myself and smoking.”

Net Worth

There is currently no information available on Chloe Cherry’s net worth, however, Zendaya is said to have made $50,000 every episode of season 1 of Euphoria. As a supporting character, Chloe probably makes a lot less money per episode. Though she has likely made a sizable sum from it since she has an OnlyFans account and has worked in the adult film industry for a number of years. (via Instagram, @perfect_angelgirl). 


Chloe Cherry has made a name for herself as a great singer with a sizable fan base, despite the fact that specifics about her personal life and past are not frequently known. Her success in the field has been facilitated by her commitment to her profession and versatility in roles. Although she has predominantly worked in pornographic films, she has gained recognition for her talent and professionalism. Chloe Cherry has collaborated with a number of production firms throughout the course of her career and has grown to be well-liked by lovers of adult entertainment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When was Chloe Cherry born?

A: Chloe Cherry was born on August 27, 1997 and is currently 25 years old.

Q: What does Chloe Cherry do for a living?

A: Chloe Cherry is an American adult film actress.

Q: When did Chloe Cherry begin working in the field of adult entertainment?

A: Chloe Cherry started working in the adult entertainment sector in 2016.

Q: What noteworthy accomplishments or successes has Chloe Cherry achieved?

A: Chloe Cherry has become well-known for her adaptable performances in a variety of adult flicks. She has collaborated with numerous production firms and made a name for herself in the business.

Q: Do Chloe Cherry’s professional endeavors extend beyond pornographic films?

A: It’s difficult to get information regarding Chloe Cherry’s occupations outside of adult films. Her employment in the adult entertainment sector has garnered her the majority of her attention and reputation.

 Q: Does Chloe Cherry uses social media?

A: Chloe Cherry has an internet presence and was active on websites like Twitter and Instagram.

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