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Aalyah Mysterio: What Is Going On With WWE Legend Rey Mysterio’s Daughter?

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Aalyah Mysterio is the daughter of the WWE legend Rey Mysterio. He is one of the most decorated WWE superstars of all time and he is very well known for punching way above his weight and winning the World Heavyweight Title on multiple occasions. Despite being of such diminutive stature, he stood shoulder to shoulder with the giants of the WWE, conquering many of them in the process. His son Dominik Mysterio, and daughter Aalyah Mysterio are also in the WWE and in this post, we will find out more about the latter. Let’s get started.

Aalyah Mysterio: All You Need To Know

How did Aalyah Mysterio reach the WWE?

Aalyah came to WWE to support her father and brother, who made his debut at the last SummerSlam event on August 23, where he wrestled with Seth Rollins.

However, Rey Mysterio’s heiress began to distance herself from her father when he claimed that she did not know the wrestling business. Later she began to approach Buddy Murphy until she finally began a relationship with him despite Rey’s disapproval.

What is the inspiration behind Aalyah Mysterio’s tattoo?

Aalyah Mysterio has had quite an adventure in the WWE so far. The sister of Dominik Mysterio and daughter of the WWE legend Rey Mysterio appeared on the WWE programming as the romantic interest for superstar Buddy Murphy. However, that storyline didn’t go anywhere and Aalyah Mysterio was released by the WWE. Buddy Murphy also said how he felt uncomfortable kissing her as a part of the storyline. 

Aalyah’s father Rey Mysterio offered to train her but she didn’t show a lot of interest in being an active wrestler with the WWE. But now we focus on her because she recently showed on social media that she got a tattoo inspired by her family. 

Aalyah Mysterio’s tattoo

The Mysterio family has been known for their love for tattoos and Rey Mysterio was well known for tattoos all over his body. His son Dominik, also has a lot of creative tattoos on his body. Aalyah Mysterio has also gone ahead and got a tattoo of her own. The tattoo consists of a drawing of the entire Mysterio family and sends the message that for Aalyah Mysterio, her family is “all her heart”.

Will WWE rehire Aalyah Mysterio?

Even though Aalyah Mysterio impressed everyone with her acting skills, looks and pedigree, she is unlikely to continue working for the WWE anymore. Her storyline ith Buddy Murphy has been ended and she has been released from the WWE. After months without seeing her appear on television, this has been confirmed.

According to Dave Meltzer in the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE will not follow up on the television rivalry between Rey Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio, Angie Mysterio and Aalyah Mysterio against Seth Rollins. This is what he reported:

“It was just falling from an angle. There is neither a backstory nor a behind-the-scenes story to this determination. I guess they had no idea where to take this rivalry, and so they dismissed it.

Meltzer makes this clarification because it was initially believed that once Rollins returned to SmackDown, the whole story was going to pick up again, especially the love affair between Rey’s daughter and Rollins’ former disciple, Buddy Murphy, given that McMahon was delighted with the performance and the camera search of Aalyah.

What issues did the Aalyah Mysterio-Buddy Murphy relationship face?

Also because you have to remember that there was some criticism of Aalyah and Murphy’s romantic relationship because Aalyah is only 19 years old and Murphy is 32 years old. However, everyone in WWE discredited such criticism and even Alexa Bliss, 29, and Murphy’s ex-girlfriend, endorsed the television story of the courtship.

Thus, we can also infer that for Vince McMahon, the story would have already cooled down due to the prolonged absence of Rollins, who disappeared from the company after the PPV Survivor Series 2020, at the end of November, to await the arrival of his daughter Roux with her fiancee, Becky Lynch.

It had been months since Aalyah Mysterio appeared on the WWE Network. She was seen circling the ring when Seth Rollins came back but there are no plans on continuing her stint.

Does Aaalyah Mysterio want to be a WWE wrestler?

Rey Mysterio’s daughter, Aalyah, despite currently working with WWE, has no plans to follow her father’s path as a wrestler.

The symbol of Latinos in the largest wrestling company in the world, Rey Mysterio currently has his entire family in a history within WWE in which his main protagonists are his children: Dominik and Aalyah.

The eldest of Rey’s heirs already had his debut as a wrestler facing Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy, the latter being responsible for the youngest daughter of Mysterio to move away from him, as they began an “affair”.

Despite being in WWE and having a wrestler’s blood in her veins, for Aalyah it is not in her plans to become a wrestler like her father or brother.

Aalyah Mysterio said: “I will not become a fighter. It seems to me it would be a good mild opportunity (fight with Rey Mysterio and Dominik), but strikes me to do that, I’m more of studying, school is my forte. To be a fighter, I would have to spend a lot of time in the gym, and it is not my strong suit. I am going to become a doctor “.

In this way, Aalyah’s passage in the McMahon Family company could be temporary, since Rey Mysterio’s daughter has her sights on her medical studies.

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