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8 Glory Johnson Facts: The American Playing For Turkey’s Besiktas

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Glory Johnson is an American professional basketball player now playing for Beşiktaş in the Turkish Super League. The United States international plays for the Tulsa Shock/Dallas Wings as a power forward in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WBNA). She has also been spotlighted for her relationship with Brittney Yevette Griner. Brittney is also a WNBA center who was recently detained and arrested in Russia till December 2022. In this article, we will discuss lots of facts about Glory Johnson

Glory Johnson: 8 Of The Most Interesting Things About Brittney Griner’s Ex-Girlfriend! 

1. Glory Johnson’s height:

Power forward Glory Johnson isn’t one of the tallest in the WNBA, especially when compared to her ex Brittney Griner who is 6ft 9in, but she maintains a good height for the WNBA reaching up to 6ft 3in, and she weighs 170 lbs.

2. Glory Johnson’s net worth:

The WNBA Star has impressive wealth. According to reports, Glory Johnson’s net worth is between $4 million and $12 million. She earns around $60,000 as a salary. Moreover, the USA international also makes her money from brand deals. 

3. She was born on July 27th 1990: 

Glory is the youngest of five children – three sisters and one brother born to her parents, Mercy Bassey Johnson and Bassey Johnson Udofot.

She attended Webb School in Knoxville. Johnson started playing basketball during his school days. Later, she attended the University of Tennessee where she honed her basketball skills and in addition to earning a degree in global studies and a master’s degree in communications.

In four years at Tennessee, she averaged 14.3 points and 9.8 rebounds, with 36 double-doubles, including a 59.1% address in her senior year. At the 2012 final tournament, she grabbed 21 rebounds in the second round, the best total since 1991.

4. Professional career:

Recording 36 double-doubles during her college career, Glory Johnson was selected by the Tulsa Shock (Dallas Wings) in the 2012 WNBA Draft. She was named fourth overall in the draft. She missed the 2015 season due to pregnancy. Nonetheless, her pro career kicked off in 2012 with her impressive rookie season ranking fourth in steals per game and, to her second and third seasons, she was named to the All-Star Team in the Western Conference. 

After spending the year 2015 devoted to motherhood, she ended February 2016 playing the playoffs with the Dallas Wings which took over her previous team: Tulsa Shock. 

In 2017, she was suspended for hitting point guard Matee Ajavon. 

Between 2012 and 2015, she played three off-seasons in Russia for two different teams (Nadezhda Orenburg and Shevakata Vologda). Internationally, Glory played for the United States at the 2011 World University Games held in Shenzhen, China, she recorded 6.2 points per game with nine steals, earning her a second-place finish. The US won the gold medal after winning all six games.

In November 2016, Glory signed with WCBA’s Xinjiang Tiashan Deers for the 2016–17 off-season. 

5. She considers herself straight even though she married a woman: 

She was married to fellow WNBA player Britney Griner. Prior to her marriage, Johnson was in a heterosexual relationship but she did not declare herself a lesbian. On the other hand, Brittany is openly gay.

6. The ex-couple share 2 kids: 

Although Glory and Brittney met in 2013 and got engaged in 2014, they divorced after 2 years of their marriage in 2016. 

Griner was ordered to pay child support to Johnson because they share two daughters – Ava Simone and Solei Diem through IVF and a sperm donor. The identity of the father of the child is not revealed.

7. On May 8th 2015, they got married: 

In 2015, they were both 24 years old, both basketball players in the WNBA , the women’s version of the main North American basketball league. And 

Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson, who were then players of the Phoenix Mercury and the Tulsa Shock respectively said “yes” to each other in front of 75 people. The following weekend, Brittney Griner shared on Instagram a very pretty photo of their wedding.

“If it was the end of the world at that moment, I wouldn’t care! Nothing could separate me from my wife. I think I cried all day until I saw her walking to the altar. All of a sudden I was calm and full of love and all the tears turned into huge smiles and inexplicable joy except for those who found their soulmate and married them”, wrote Britney Griner, who 1 year before her marriage, was awarded the best defender of the season. 

The same day, Glory Johnson also shared a photo of the ceremony, where we can see the two basketball players with their mothers. While Johnson was in a traditional dress, Griner was dressed in a cream suit with Converse. It was Mother’s Day in the United States.

The two young women had already announced their engagement on social media in 2014. 

8. Domestic violence case before the wedding: 

On April 22nd, 2015, Griner and Johnson were arrested for assault and disturbing the public order at their home in suburban Phoenix, Arizona. The two basketball players were both arguing violently and their families could not do anything to stop them.

“The last couple of days have been extremely stressful for Glory and Brittney. They will work through these challenges together and ask the media to respect their privacy as they settle this family matter,” Griner’s attorney said in a statement in a press release.

“A discussion should never get physical,” Griner said. “I take my relationship and my responsibility as a role model seriously. It will never happen again.”

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