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5 Things To Do On Your Phone When You’re Bored In Ontario

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Your smartphone is essentially its own virtual universe, and here you have access to a ton of information. There are many things you can do on your smartphone to pass the time and be productive if you’re bored at home in Ontario or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

You can engage in activities like playing video games, fiddling with your phone, learning a new skill, or performing basic maintenance, based on how you’re feeling. Thanks to the versatility of smartphones, the options are limitless. Here are the top ten things to do to pass the time.

6 Useful & Fun Things to do on your phone When You’re Bored

Online Gaming

Online gaming has greatly improved in recent years. Hundreds of games are now launched on your app store each week. Games are a great way to pass the time, and multiplayer games allow you to interact with others from all over the world and collaborate with them on entertaining gameplay.

You can spend hours playing games that are dependent on levels and achievements. To improve your ability to think, you could also play games that expand your brain. On the other hand, you may also try your luck at an Online Casino or Gaming website where you can actually play for real money. You may even hit the Jackpot and bank yourself some extra cash!

Make Travel Plans

If you are bored in Ontario, you may take a look at what is happening around your city or if you are that, bored you may decide on your next destination elsewhere, you can do all of this on your smartphone.

Plan your upcoming vacation, even if it’s just in your head for the time being, by taking a look around Hotels and Airbnbs available. Choose the place of your fantasies and mark any intriguing locations that draw your interest for upcoming trips.

Create A Spotify Playlist

Create the most iconic playlist you can think of for the appropriate occasion or atmosphere (Christmas party, pre-drinks playlist, road trip jams, rainy-day vibes). Browse the music in your library, listen to some inspiration, and become motivated. So that everyone can appreciate the results of your labor, don’t forget to share with close friends and family.

Organize Your Photos

Go through your camera roll and remove any unnecessary pictures. The 45 photos you attempted to take of a flower swaying in the wind? Most likely, you won’t require exactly that many. Reduce your collection to free up a little space on your device and the cloud.

Learn A New Language

There is no better way to sharpen up your French or choose to learn Italian fluently, with Duolingo or any of the variety of language learning apps available at your fingertips. With quick, manageable lessons you can do this wherever you are, even if all you have is 5 minutes to spare, these types of apps make learning a new language relatively simple.

Organize Your Goodreads

You can discover countless books and become acquainted with genres that are unfamiliar to you. You also get the chance to interact with readers from all over the world and express your genuine literary opinions. The recommendations you get will be better and more relevant the more books you review. So take some time to think about your favorites and then share!


If you’re having problems quitting the mindless scrolling habit, think about momentarily removing social media apps from your phone. Find other stuff you can do, to keep yourself entertained, jump on to Hulu and watch something interesting. You’ll discover that the brief periods of free time you have during the day are valuable chances to do something new, so make the most of them by spending time with loved ones, learning new things, or taking care of yourself.

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